10 Time Management Tips That Will Make You More Productive

In this article, I show you some common (and uncommon) time management tips that I use to not only get shit done but to continue to feel motivated & ready to conquer the world.

Time Management Tips

The amount of new affiliates whom I've seen struggling to manage their time is crazy.

They spend 6 hours (that they don't have) writing 750 words for a review that ends up not ranking very well.

Not only do you not get any of your other tasks completed but you are now feeling unmotivated & ready to quit. 

I am sure that this hits home for anybody around the 3 to 6-month mark who are ready to quit. 

Stress while working

When you are working for a company, they will usually set you tasks to complete each week, and you have to figure out ways to complete those tasks efficiently (which never really works out).

So why is it essential for you to have better time-management skills?

Whether you are working at a 9 - 5 or you are trying to build an SEO business, managing your time effectively with set goals in mind will help you and (more importantly) your business move the needle towards success.

If you know Gary Vaynerchuk's story, then you would know that he spent most of his twenties running a liquor store.

​However, he never spent his time just sitting on his chair, he spent all of those years planning & executing which is why his dad's business went from $3 million to over $60 million in that time.

So let's get into these tips & how you can use them right now to improving your time-management skills.

1. Understanding The Similarities Between Time & Tasks

This first tip isn't something you will regularly hear when searching for time management tips.

Quick Story: I came up with the idea for this article when I was having a chat with my mother, and she was struggling to think of ways she can prioritize her work. I didn't find a single article with this tip.

Understanding the relationship between your time & the task is essential to manage your time efficiently.

For example, trying to accomplish a job that would usually take a week in a single day is going to leave you feeling defeated & demotivate you.

I love this video from Shane Melaugh from Active Growth; he teaches you how to use Trello (a productivity tool).

What You Can Do to Help:

When planning your tasks, you need to take into account how long it will take you to complete that task. Do not expect to finish it in a week if it's a goal that requires a year's worth of work.

Understanding The Similarities Between Time & Tasks

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2. Turn Your Key Tasks Into Unforgettable Habits

The difference between people like Elon Musk, Bill Gates, Warren Buffet & Jeff Bezos and people like us are their habits & mindset.

Their mindset is to turn essential tasks & skills into unforgettable habits.

An example of that would be reading; they have programmed themselves to read to the point where their day feels empty without picking up a book.

What You Can Do to Help:

If you are working in a team and you have tasks that you need to complete on a regular basis (for example greeting customers as they walk in the store), then try striking up a conversation with random people on the street to the point where it turns into a social habit.

Turn Your Key Tasks Into Unforgettable Habits

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3. Remember the 80:20 Rule of Workloads

I am sure you have heard of the 80:20 rule (but for those who haven't) it's when you do 20% of the work to receive 80% of the benefits.

the 80:20 Rule

For example, for most businesses, 80% of their yearly profits come from about 20% of their clients.

What You Can Do to Help:

This rule also works for being more productive with your time, let's say you have five tasks to complete today but you know for a fact that you can only achieve 20% (which is 1) of those tasks, make sure that you choose the most important task instead of the easiest.

Which leads me to my next point...

Remember the 80:20 Rule of Workloads

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4. Start From The Most Important & Move Backwards

The goal of your daily tasks is to move the needle towards the bigger picture slowly.

If you are working in a part of a team, each task you set out is to become the manager of your team or to get a raise from your current boss.

By constantly completing unimportant tasks, the needle will not go anywhere.

If you want to get a raise of $50,000, you need to show your company why you are worth that raise.

What You Can Do to Help:

Each time you make a list, think to yourself how the far the needle can be moved forward by you completing that particular task.

Start From The Most Important & Move Backwards

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5. Keep Multitasking to A Minimum (How to Focus on Your Main Objective)

The more you can do at the same time the better.

I am sure you have heard that at some point or even thought about it.

The more things you can do at the same time, the more productive you can be during the day.

That is so far from the truth that it hurts.

Let's assume that you are at 100% when you start your daily work; when you focus on your first task, you are working at 100%.

That means that the task you are currently completing is being done to the best of your ability.

In the second scenario, you arrive at work and start working on three tasks at the same time.

Instead of putting 100% into a single task, you are now only putting 33% into each task.

So not only are you taking 3x times longer to complete your job, but the quality of your work will be 3x times lower.

That is why it's recommended to focus on one task at a time.

You will finish your tasks, and it will be the highest quality work you can do.

How to Focus on Your Main Objective

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6. Keeping Track of Your Tasks Daily

If you are like me, then I am sure you hate writing things down, yet having a visual representation of your future tasks is the best way to be productive.

Keeping track of what you need to do is the only way you can remember what needs to be done and when it needs to be completed.

That's why I recommend sucking it up and writing your daily tasks or using Trello.

Trello is a free tool that helps you become more productive.

Keeping Track of Your Tasks Daily

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7. Allow Time for Interruptions (Remember we're Human)

I know this next tip contradicts almost everything I said, but you need to remember that you are human.

There will be some ideas & tasks that you won't be able to complete. That is completely okay.

Distractions come in all forms of ways; Life isn't that forgiving.

If I were to tell you all the tasks I haven't completed due to distractions or just not being able to complete them, we'd be here for a long time, a very long time...

Allow Time for Interruptions

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8. Create a System That You Can Repeat

The only way to succeed in life is by finding what works and doubling down on it. The same applies to how productive you can be during the day.

You need to test things out continually. Figure out what works for you and what doesn't.

Then you can create a system around what works and repeat the process.

For example, if you are starting an affiliate business and you realize that you are better at creating video-based content than written content, then double down on that.

Create a System That You Can Repeat

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9. Did You Know That To-Do List Still Work?

To-Do lists sound old-school, but there is a reason that people still use them.

It works.

If you looked at my Trello page earlier, you would see that I have a bunch of small lists that includes a to-do list.

In my case, the things you see on my to-do list are things I would like to complete within the next two weeks.

What You Can Do to Help:

Here are the deadlines for each list I have in my Trello:

  • Brain Dump (Plans I have for the next year)
  • To-Do (Things to complete within the next two weeks)
  • Priority (Tasks I want to achieve this week)
  • Today (My daily tasks)
  • Waiting (stuff that I am waiting on others to complete)
  • Done (Task is finish/content is ready to publish)

I would advise that you test things out first and see what works for you.

Did You Know That To-Do List Still Work?

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10. Find an Accountable Partner

Lastly, finding a partner that can hold you accountable for your tasks.

This tip is so powerful that I went from being a slob that never gets out of bed, to a guy who's consistently at the computer trying to build an SEO business.

Having a to-do list can only take you so far, primarily if you are working on an affiliate marketing brand from home.

There isn't anything stopping you from taking an extra "break" or sleeping in (which I still do).

By telling others about your plans then it forces you to complete those tasks to avoid looking like a fool or being lazy to those people.

Here is a video from Stephen James (Founder of Project Life Mastery) where he shares his yearly goals for the same reason.

P.S. I have three accountability partners who help keep me in check if I start to lost sight of my goals, my fiancee, my mother & you guys.

Find an Accountable Partner

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What to Take Away

Now you have a few actionable time management tips that you can use right now to start building your skills. To sum up all the points, here is a list of all the tips given in this article:

  • Remember The Relationship Between Tasks & Time
  • Make Sure to Turn Practical Skills into Habits
  • Put 80% of Your Efforts into 20% of The Work to Help Move The Needle
  • Complete The Most Important Tasks First
  • Do Not Muti-Task
  • Track Your Tasks On a Daily Level
  • Adjust Your Deadlines to Compensate for Distractions
  • Create a System That Can Be Repeated
  • Write Down a To-Do List (Writing it Down Helps You Remember it Better)
  • Find Accountable Partners

If you liked this article, then feel free to share it around and comment down below if you tried any of them out.

I would love to hear if they helped or if they are not helping. 

Also, if you have any tips of your own then share them below (if it's really good I will add it in and credit you).

7 thoughts on “10 Time Management Tips That Will Make You More Productive”

  1. Anthony Little

    Building an online business for me requires a lot of time management to get things done. I’m so glad I’ve come across your helpful tips. I’ve learned a lot of new steps to take in moving forward with ideas and saving time along the way. So, I’ve decided to focus on the most critical task first then move backward in completing the lesser ones. Excellent article, Great job.

    1. Anthony Beckles

      Glad to hear that, Anthony. To get ahead in today’s industries, you have to work smarter instead of working harder. Let me know if these tips helped you in any way.

  2. Hello there,

    I have to say that this post has made me realize how much I have been wasting my time as well as how poor I’ve allowed my mindset to be.

    I am going to take these tips and work hard on perfecting them in my life, especially the one in turning key tasks into habits. That really hit me hard. Thanks.

  3. Derek Marshall

    Hi there Anthony,

    Thank you kindly for creating and sharing this rather valuable and handy time management resource and tips with us all, it is absolutely appreciated, thanks.

    I am noting these tips, and bookmarking this page as a reference. When it comes down to time management in regards to my own online business I focus on the highest income producing activities as a priority.

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