14 Powerful Tips That Will Improve Content Creation (Made for Affiliates)

For this article, you will learn 14 content creation tips for beginners that you need to improve your content.

It doesn't matter how big (or small) your business is, all of them have a few things in common.


Whether they need to be spoken or written, businesses need to understand how to use words (especially online brands).

In fact, your content can decide the fate of your business's success. 

Content Creation Tips

For example, if you had a fantastic product but couldn't convey that to your visitors on your sales/review page, then you can kiss those readers goodbye. 

As you may (or may not) know, I have been writing for over 3 years and though it's a short amount of time I have learned quite a lot of traits that successful bloggers show within their content.

So, I am putting together all of these traits into a single place.

These tips are for the long-term, so do not expect to start using these content creation tips today and get a ton of sales tomorrow.

What is Effective Blogging?

Now, before I get into the list, I want to explain what GOOD & EFFECTIVE blogging is compared to so-so content.

Any piece of compelling content achieves two things.

They capture the interest of potential visitors and increases the overall conversion rate for your affiliate business.

Here are a few traits that effective blogging has:

  • Gives People a Unique Benefit for Their Product/Service Promotions.
  • Flows Well into an Attractive Call to Action.
  • Offers Proof of a Products Greatness.
  • Is Consistently Updated & Tested to Improve Results.
  • (Most Importantly) Is Written With a Certain Audience in Mind.

As you can see, blogging is a skill that is needed by ALL affiliates. 

One of my favorite pieces of content is from Precision Nutrition.

In an article targeting a "boring" topic (Ketogenic Dieting), they were able to keep somebody like me (who knows nothing about keto diets) interested enough to read all 6,000+ words.

Now that I have convinced you that blogging is a skill that you NEED or at least need to improve. 

Let's get into this list.

1. Stay Focused By Setting a Word Coun​​​​​t.

The worst part about writing content is the beginning where you have a blank page with a blinking cursor.

The best way to push past that is by planning your content before you write it.

One way to do that while staying hyper-focused is by setting yourself a word count.

Setting a Word Coun​​​​​t

According to Crazy Egg, people tend to stick around on a website for about 59 seconds, so you have that amount of time to convince people to take action.

In fact, I believe that people don't even stay that long.

To convince people to listen to you, you must be persuasive.

When it comes to affiliate marketing, those who can persuasively tell readers what they get from listening to you will succeed.

An example would be this article that you're reading now.

I managed to convince you to stay and read my article when you could have read anybody else's.

Here is how you can be sure that your writing convinces people to stick around:

  • Find the successful brands/businesses in your niche.
  • Analyze their content and find things that capture your attention within the first 10 seconds.
  • Take screenshots or copy and paste their content into a word editor.
  • Create notes that highlight why certain parts of their copy caught your attention.
  • Look at their word count and think about what they were trying to accomplish in within that word count.

Take a look at magazines in shops.

They only have a few seconds to capture your attention as you walk around the store.

That's why the main trait you will find within their copy is big, bright words that have that "click-baity" feel to it.

2. People Buy Because of Emotions. Not Logic.

No matter how much you try to deny this, people buy things because of emotions (not logic).

When Tai Lopez made the "Here in My Garage" advert on YouTube, he didn't get a shitload of sales because people understood his motives.

People Buy Because of Emotions

Image Taken from Tai Lopez's Video

They bought into his program because they (his target audience, which is mainly 16 - 25yr old guys) saw his Lamborghini and the beautiful women around him and wanted the same.

That is also why big brands (like Amazon) use emotion in their campaigns.

Have you ever went to Amazon to buy a product and seen the "Only 5 Left" text next to the product name and thought "Crap! I need to get this now?"

LG 29UM69G

Click The Image to See in Full

Well, that is Amazon playing to your emotion. 

They understand that you want that product, so by telling you that there is only a few left, it makes you take action quicker.

Now, here is how you can improve your product's sales page (or any page) to solve your target audience's problem and make them feel excited:

  • Understand the needs of your target audience by asking them directly and writing down all of their problems.
  • Give them an example of a person (more preferably YOU) that went through a similar problem.
  • Structure your content to show that you understand them.
  • Showcase how YOUR recommended product will solve all of their issues.
  • Display other's who's issues has been solved by your product.

3. Always Create Benefit-Driven Promotions.

I have seen a lot of websites talk about the features of a product.

Sadly, nobody wants to hear about or cares about features.

Let's say that you wanted to purchase a new phone.

You may think that as a customer, you want to hear about the features of the phone (which is why most companies talk about features).

However, in reality, you want to understand how these "features" will benefit your everyday life.

As a salesperson, it would be better to say:

"This phone features the new Lollipop OS which allows you to have a smoother experience using your phone.

The 7-inch, 1440p screen allows you to watch movies & sports anywhere with the highest quality possible."

Instead of:

"This phone has the new Lollipop OS which comes with 2.5Ghz or whatever with a 5Ghz something or another with a 7" screen."

Takeaway: Benefit-driven promotions with ALWAYS convert better than feature-driven promotions.

4. Keep Your Content Clean With Paragraph Breaks.

When you read a book as a kid, you instantly knew which books would take too much brain power to read because they all had this type of text:

Keep Your Content Clean With Paragraph Breaks

I am currently reading Social by Matthew Lieberman, and though his book is fantastic, it has text precisely like the one above all over the place.

People these days do not want to read that.

Sometimes, less is more.

One of the first things I learned when I was going through my online affiliate training was the importance of using white space.

By having your writing include shorter, sharper sentences, it will make your writing much more satisfying to read.

No one wants to sit through a large block of text, so embrace white space. Luckily, developing your own writing style isn't that difficult:

  • Take your content & re-read it.
  • When your brain tells you to break up the sentences, break them up.
  • Make sure that final points have their own line (if possible). Having one line sentences is actually preferred by a lot of readers.
  • Run your writing through Grammarly (or any proofreading editor).
  • Style Tip: Download Custom Fonts. There you can have your own font.

​​​​​​​5. Think Carefully About The Way You Sell products.

In my time management tips article, I talked about using the 80/20 rule.

That also applies to products/services. Sometimes a sale doesn't come from how much your product/service benefits people, but how well you sell your product. 

Seriously, if your writing is good enough, you really can sell a pen to Jordan Belfort (let me know in the comments if you understood that reference).

If you take a look at my homepage (this article was written on 07/30/2018), then you will see this quote:

“I am all for conversations, but you need to have a message.” - Renee Blodgett

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People remember the impression that you left on them, not the content itself.

Affiliate marketing comes down to how well you can convince people to do what you want them to.

6. Using Punctuation Shows Your Expertise.

Great content flows nicely, however good use of punctuation can really change the flow of your content to make it amazing.

People judge you on a lot of things when they first come into contact with you.

Whether that's judging how you look, how you speak, or how your content looks.

Using the example above, which piece of text looks better?

Keep Your Content Clean With Paragraph Breaks


Using Punctuation Shows Your Expertise.

Here are some content creation tips on how to change the level of your writing:

  • Use a proofreading editor to get rid of any fundamental mistakes.
  • Re-read your content and add commas and other puncuation effectively (basically, don't overuse shit).
  • Don't be too dramatic (unless it's Black Friday).

7. Design - Think About The Where & Why.

Affiliate Marketing can be ruthless at times.

Think about it, you spend valuable time creating the best content you can, but then you realize that nobody cares or it doesn't perform as well.

Don't worry, by noticing that, you have already surpassed 95% of other content writers.

I remember when I use to write, hit publish & forget it.

Trust me when I say that is the worst case scenario for you.

Once you have finished writing your blog or your copy for a landing page, it's time to focus on the design aspect.

Web content needs to look beautiful. However, that beautiful design is a result of how things should function.

You can avoid ever having a shitty designed page with these takeaways:

  • ALWAYS A/B test your landing page from the color to the writing itself.
  • Remember to be conversational (unless it really isn't needed).
  • Keep your white space consistent overall.

8. How to Show That You're Authentic & Trustworthy.

I have already mentioned and will continue to say this statement multiple times.

People purchase stuff based on emotion... Not logic.

Meaning that if there were 2 different products and product A was inferior to product B, people will still get Product A simply because it's owned by Nike instead of some unknown brand.

As an affiliate marketer, you need to convey your authenticity & trustworthiness to attract new readers.

There are the 3 stages to authority:

  • No Authority
  • Perceived Authority
  • Real Authority

As long, as people THINK you have a lot of knowledge about their struggles, they will assume that you're an expert.

Note: This is entirely different from lying to your audience. By doing research into your target audience's needs, you can sound like an authoritative figure, even if you've yet to build that authority.

To make your content seem more trustworthy, you can use some of these content creation tips:

  • Create content regularly that solves people's core problems.
  • Always be transparent.
  • Show that you're human and not some robot.
  • Make it personal to people.
  • Always overdeliver.

Personally, I believe that the 2nd point should hit home to all of you reading this blog.

Whenever you're selling anything, you should be completely transparent about everything. People appreciate honesty.

9. Images Compliment Your Content- and Here's Why.

No matter how mind-blowing your writing is, it won't be anything if you do not include images.

Remember that your content should be as easy as possible to read, and content with images are easier to understand.

Not only do images compliment your writing, but it also has a ton of SEO benefits. Link baiting is one of the best benefits of SEO.

Focusing on infographics, images can help you get a ton of backlinks from other sites & Google have shown that content with at least one image WILL rank higher than those without.

You must always think about these things when adding images:

  • Your image's quality.
  • How relevant the images are to the surrounding text.
  • If your images have alt tags attached to them.
  • Can I use these images?

That last question is something you must ALWAYS ask yourself when using images from other sites.

Copyright is a big deal, and Google rightly treats it like a big deal.

Two things to know when using images from other sites is to always credit where you go the image from, and second if the original owner of said image asks you to remove it from your website.

Remove it.

10. Why You Should Be Taking Fonts Seriously.

There aren't many ways to style your writing visually, but not taking what font you are using into account is a big mistake.

As I mentioned before, people will judge you for a lot of things when they first come into contact with you or your work and believe it or not, the way your content looks is one of them.

Take a look at the two images below and think about their differences.

Without much of a look, I am sure you can tell which offers a scam and which is a legitimate offer.

Instant Payday Tricks


Wealthy Affiliate

The reason that you should be taking fonts seriously is that they can help convey your authenticity.

Some people might even know if a piece of content (in a screenshot) comes from a website based off of the font.

I know that's crazy, but it's true.

When I was reading one of the older marketing blogs (can't remember the site) where I saw a screenshot of some text.

I instantly knew it was from neilpatel.com before I read where the sample text came from.

Okay, so maybe I am weird, but fonts can be a necessity.

My only recommendation for this tip is to use a font that you really like.

Preferably, I would use a custom font over any of the Google fonts, but they are good as well.

11. Sub-Headlines Help Break Up Points.

People who read content online do not understand it the same way as you would read a book.

Understanding how content is read online will help you a lot.

It's a catch 22 situation when it comes to content online because people tend to skim through your content (barely even reading it), yet you need to make your content as detailed as possible for SEO.

I'd advise you watch the video I have added below for some extra tips.

Using some of these takeaways will help break up your content, allowing more readers to get the information they want:

  • Content patterns help make content easier to digest.
  • Use H2 & H3 to break up main points.
  • Make sure that sub-headings are benefit-driven.

12. Create Content for Your Strongest Leads.

I could give you 150 content creation tips, and you could take action on all of them.

It still wouldn't increase conversions for your client if you do not know who is at the other end.

When it comes to traffic, quality beats quantity.

I know it might not seem like it, but it's true. You can earn over $100,000 with a mediocre product, or you can make NOTHING with a fantastic product.

It all depends on WHO you market to. Here are some content creation tips to take away:

  • Think about the characteristics & personality of your most valued reader (What is their sex? What about their age? What are their ideals).
  • Give them an identity (Name, Job, Location, Lifestyle).
  • Brainstorm what type of content they would consume and how they would consume it.

Always remember that the Life Time Value (LTV) of a reader will go up if you're marketing to the right people

13. Remember that people buy results. People Like Results & Case Studies.

Any freelancer will agree with me when I say "In 2018, people care more about results and past experiences than they care about where you went to college."

It's the same with your content.

Sadly, nobody cares about your website.

All they care about is whether or not your recommended products/services can help them with their problems.

If you take anything away from this article it should be this:

"Your content should help your readers visualize how much they would benefit with your product/service compared to if they didn't have it."

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Bonus. Social Proof Boosts Conversions.


Okay, you probably weren't surprised, but here is a bonus tip. Having great content might be enough to convince people to take action.

However, you can get them even more excited by adding some social proof.

Whenever I buy anything, I always read & watch reviews from other people.

The reason social proof is so compelling is that the words of the creator of a product can only go so far.

Most people will instantly assume that since it's YOUR product, that you're going to be biased.

By having others say the same thing, it adds credibility to your product and your business. That's why local businesses who use word of mouth as a marketing tactic thrive.

Failure of Missing Out

Click to See The Image in Full

My only tip for you is to always include some form of social proof. You can either use testimonials or 3rd party tools like FOMO (which displays when other users have taken action).

What to Take From This Article.

To quickly summarize all the points for those who didn't read them all, here are the 14 content creation tips in a list.

  • Stay Focused By Setting a Word Count.
  • People Buy Because of Emotions. Not Logic.
  • Always Create Benefit-Driven Promotions.
  • Keep Your Content Clean With Paragraph Breaks.
  • Think Carefully About The Way You Sell products.
  • Using Punctuation Shows Your Expertise.
  • Design - Think About The Where & Why.
  • How to Show That You're Authentic & Trustworthy.
  • Images Compliment Your Content- and Here's Why.
  • Why You Should Be Taking Fonts Seriously.
  • Sub-Headlines Help Break Up Points.
  • Create Content for Your Strongest Leads.
  • Remember that people buy results. People Like Results & Case Studies.
  • Social Proof Boosts Conversions.

Now I leave everything to you.

Blogging is difficult, but by putting some of the tips I have discussed today into practice, you can improve your copy and ultimate, your sales.

Let me know if you have any extra content creation tips and if you found this article useful, feel free to comment down below or share this blog on social media (if you liked it then I am sure others will. Right?).

8 thoughts on “14 Powerful Tips That Will Improve Content Creation (Made for Affiliates)”

  1. Hi there
    As someone who struggles to create content for my blog, I found your tips to be beneficial and, I will try to follow these easy tips and see if my writing can improve. It does not help much that English is not my first language and I struggle with spellings, comas, and grammar in general.
    Now I`m surprised that people only spend a short time on a website, 59 seconds, well that`s not enough to even know what a post is about.
    Now after reading your post, I well understand why the short posts I struggle to write (my best was about 500 words) do not get many readers, I still write like they do in Novels and most of my posts do not have corresponding images and sometimes no images at att.
    Now after reading your post, I`m left wondering if there is a course out there that can help me be a better writer. is there a program you can recommend to learn better blog writing? I know nothing online is free but it should be a 1-time payment, I would not like the monthly payments as I`m a slow learner(language limitations).
    Enjoyed your post and thanks for pointing some things which should have been evident to me but were not, really appreciate.

    1. Anthony Beckles

      Thanks for the comment, Roamy.

      The time spent on your website depends on many different factors (such as if they’re a returning reader, or what niche your website’s in), but in general, new visitors will leave your website pretty quickly if they’re not impressed with your site.

      Honestly, becoming a better writer comes from practice and reading other articles from various writers.

      Sure you can get a course like Nathan Gotch’s Content SEO course to learn about creating content for SEO, however, traits like your writing style will only come through experience.

  2. You’re tips a pretty solid, I’ve been trying to implement some of these such as breaking paragraphs up into smaller chunks or writing to sell with emotion, not logic.

    I particularly resonate with the emotions helping you sell products, I’ve noticed through my research that when an ad has a more desirable and relatable function that resonates with the individual checking out your blog, it will result in better conversions
    I guess studying how to sell will be pretty beneficial in helping me profit from my blog posts.

    Ps. Wolf of wall street ain’t too shabby a movie you know, I especially like when he’s giving that hype speech in the office #stoppopingthemqualoods

    1. Anthony Beckles

      Hey, Amhil.

      Glad you got the references haha. Marketing does involve a lot of emotion, and people tend to forget that because it’s online and you don’t physically see the other person. Let me know how you get on with some of these tips.

  3. People buy because of emotions not logic! Very true indeed. There have been times where I literally gave or offered a prospect everything they wanted plus more. To the point where it didn’t make sense for me. However, they still did not move forward because the connection may have been a little off. (I bookmarked your article)

    1. Anthony Beckles

      Thanks, Chawn.

      I even find myself spending more money sometimes simply because I don’t want to purchase said product from a business that I have never heard of before.

  4. These powerful tips will significantly improve content without a doubt.

    Your easy layout of how to use and why to use them makes so much sense for any new blogger or person wanting to write content for/on their website(s). I would like to add one final tip if I may; make sure you continuously add to your site keeping everything up-to-date with posts, and more content will help with rankings and people returning for more information from you.

    I know as I create my content these 14 powerful tips will come into play of how I do my writing from now on. Thank you for the suggestions!

    1. Anthony Beckles

      Thanks for the additional suggestion, Susan. Creating content on a consistent basis keeps readers active on your site, with Google looking to rank brands with a vibrant community, posting regularly will only prove to benefit your overall rankings in the future.

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