15 Powerful Blogging Tips for Beginners in 2019

The difference between content writers and bloggers is the skills that they have.

Believe it or not, you can't just write an article, hit publish, and then call yourself a blogger.

Blogging Tips

So here are 15 blogging tips for beginners that you need to call yourself a blogger.

It does not matter how long you have worked online, if you do not acquire these blogging skills then you will be a writer & not a blogger.

1. Creating Amazing Headlines

Creating headlines that convince people to click through is difficult. That is why I have put it as the first skill you need to learn.

As Neil Patel said, 8 out of 10 people will read your headline, but only two will continue to read your content.

No matter how amazing your content is if nobody visits your site to see it then it's wasted.

Your goal is to try and get as many people to read your content from your headline only as possible.

I made a blog going over some actionable tips you can use to create a catchy headline, so check it out.

Thrive Headline Optimizer

There are many plugins out there that will help you write better headlines.

However, my favorite one has to be Thrive's Headline Optimizer.

It's a WordPress plugin that allows you to A/B test your headlines and automatically chooses the winner based on clicks.

2. User Experience Awareness

Now that Google is coming down on websites like a ton of bricks in regards to User Experience (UX), you need to fully understand what users want and how they intend on reading your content.

There are three ways that users will read your content:

  1. People Who Read Your Content From Top-Left to Bottom-Right (This is the rarest case)
  2. Skimmers (People who read through your headlines & bold text)
  3. Type 2 Skimmers (These are the people who barely even finish your headline)

You need to build up the skill of writing in a way so that all three types of readers can understand what is the purpose your content.

3. Having a Good Structure (Content Pattern)

It doesn't matter how long or how impressive you think your article is, if it doesn't have a suitable structure then nobody will like reading your content. 

If you're a freelance writer or you're a writer for a company, you will want to make sure that your content editors can edit your content with ease.

The most important thing you need to ask yourself before sending your article off or publishing it on your website is:

"Can all three types of readers read my content and still understand what I am teaching them?"

4. Making Your Content Personal/Story Telling

Back in 2008, you could get away with making thin content that doesn't help people or doesn't connect with them.

Now in 2019, that won't work.

The best kind of videos, articles, podcasts, or infographics are the ones that users can relate to; In this example, I will give you a little bit of background about me (Anthony).

After I left school (without many qualifications), I found my way into an Accounting course.

If you are like me, you would have quickly realized that this line of work or this college course isn't what you want.

I wanted to do something that gave me the freedom to get up out of bed at 10 AM instead of 5 AM.

I wanted to create something of value to others & I wanted to spend more time with my family.

However, I realized after a long ass time, that affiliate marketing isn't a walk in the park.

Have you ever felt like quitting?

I did every day for the six months to 12 month period.

Wait, what.

If I wanted to quit so bad, why didn't I?

I knew that building a business was something I was born to do based on a few things:

  • As a child, I wanted my own business (similar to Sony haha)
  • When I go to bed without any progress made, I find myself feeling sad
  • My fiancé probably gets fed up with the amount I talk about marketing
  • I feel happy doing this line of work

I hope that this little story helped you understand a bit more about me & hopefully you can relate to it.

Here is another video by Neil Patel on  storytelling techniques.

That's the power of story-telling.

If you can connect with people through your story, you will have a better chance of building an audience.

5. Being Able to Adapt

Charles Darwin said "It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent that survives. It is the one that is most adaptable to change."

The internet is moving at such a fast pace that Instagram (created in 2010) seems like they built it 30 years ago.

According to Moz, Google changes the algorithm over 500 times a year.

That's almost two times a day! 

Knowing how to adapt when a shift happens in your industry will be the difference between success and failure.

6. Understanding Data

Understanding the data given by different tools is one of the most underrated blogging tips for beginners out there .

Someone people see it as numbers, but those numbers are the most critical numbers that you need to know.

For example, let's say that you wanted me to look for a list of keywords that you can create content around.

The first thing I would do is search for those keywords (looking at the search potential vs. the competition), then I would take a look at the SERP for those keywords.

Google Search Result Page

Checking the links that the first ten results have. 

Knowing what the numbers in your keyword tools mean will be the difference between your ranking for those keywords and not ranking for those keywords.

In my opinion, if you're a blogger, you should know how to use these tools effectively:

  • Google Search Console
  • Any Keyword Research Tool
  • Google Trends
  • Ahrefs (The primary tool people use for checking backlinks)
  • Google Analytics
  • Google Adwords

Let me know in the comment section what tools you think that any blogger should know how to use.

7. Knowing How to do In-Depth Research

Researching for your article is one of the most important things you need to do.

Though people like to hear opinions from other people, that's not the case for online marketing.

You need to provide cold facts to support whatever you're writing.

You can go to my blog if you want to see an example.

Whenever I write an article, I research for hours to help me understand some of my main points. 

I also look for case studies or other articles similar to mine to link to within my content.

Doug Cunnington is one of my favorite affiliate marketers out there. All of his content is based on his research.

Every time he publishes a new piece of content, you can grantee that time went into that blog/video.

You can check out one of his videos above.

8. Building Relationships/Outreaching

Outreaching or networking is building relationships with other bloggers or content creators in your space.

By doing things for each other, you can both build a substantial following. I am going to be a little personal here; I love YouTube.

In fact, I have been watching YouTube videos since 2006.

That's 12 years ago. I was about 10 when I found YouTube.

One thing I noticed when I started making videos in 2010 is how powerful networking can be.

Take the well known eSports organization FaZe Clan

They began to build their brand in 2010 by recruiting players to their team.

FaZe Clan

Image Taken from FaZe Clan's Twitter

Everybody wanted to join.

Now they have loyal players that grow their channels, giving exposure to the team in general.

9. Have a Great Sense of Time

They say that time is money. I think that is wrong. Time is more valuable than money; you can always earn back money if you lose it.

However, you can never get your time back.

That's why I strongly suggest to any freelancer to always try and deliver your work before your deadline.

If there is one thing that genuinely catches a business owners eye is when they hire you for a job, and you deliver more than what they expected by.

Have Amazing Content That Their Users Will Love

Always Deliver on Time or Before Deadline

If you run your blog, I would recommend getting yourself into a schedule of publishing one article a week (at least).

If you need more time to create an article, then take your time but also be realistic. Don't spend three months creating one piece of content.

Others might say to write at least three articles a week which you should do if you can.

However, many people don't have the time to write so many. Remember that quality beats quantity every time.

10. Having a Unique Voice

This skill might be hard for newer writers but having a voice in your writing that people can identify you by is powerful.

It not only shows that you know what you're talking about, but it helps boost the "authority" people see in you.

I like, Authority Hacker's blog; Even though I have seen content similar to his from other websites when it comes to their writing, they make everything sound fresh.

If you're new to writing content, I would suggest taking your time writing your first 5 - 10 articles.

It will give you time to develop your style of writing.

11. Inbound Marketing (SEO & Social Media)

Inbound Marketing is one of the most important blogging tips for beginners out there. Promoting a businesses isn't what it use to be.

Before it was "Who had the best product?" Now it's "Who has the biggest brand?"

I like the approach Tai Lopez takes here.

He focuses on to learn one thing at a time. For example, first, he discovered how to do YouTube ads successfully.

If you have been watching YouTube videos for at least three years, I grantee that you have seen this video.

Then after understanding how to make videos on YouTube, he turned to Facebook and became a social influencer there.

Now he has over a million followers on all his social media pages.

For us content marketers, I would say to focus on things in this order:

  • Developing an awesome blog
  • Outreaching to Other bloggers
  • Working on building your Social Media pages (Facebook, Instagram, etc.)
  • Product/Service development

You can do this in any order if you'd like but I would highly recommend starting with building the best possible blog/vlog (Video Blog) you can.

SEO is one of the many blogging tips for beginners needed because it's a free source of traffic that want to read your content.

Understanding some of the best On-Page SEO practices is essential for any content writing/copywriter.

12. Being Awesome at Creating Content

When it comes to content marketing, you need to be amazing at creating content.

Content comes in different forms for example:

  • Video
  • Audio
  • Written
  • Visual

These are all different types of content that people consume daily. 

You don't need to master all of them, but if you can become someone known for making a specific type of content, you will be able to build a brand around that.

Being Awesome at Creating Content

Pat Flynn over at Smart Passive Income makes all types of content.

However, I'd have to say that Patrick shines in audio content. All of his podcasts are 12/10.

Whereas, Brian Dean from Backlinko is known for his in-depth written guides.

13. Understanding Content Types

Believe it or not, these three types of content are very different.

I N T stands for Informational, Navigational, Commerical.

For those who don't know, Navigational searches are where somebody will directly type in the brand name of the site he or she wants to see (for example typing YouTube into Google search or Facebook).

To create content that is "navigational," it will need to be focused on your brand.

If you have a product or you run a SaaS (Software as a Service), you should create landing pages for that product.

You can also create content centered around updates, where you plan to take the product, events or even seasonal deals.

Informational searches are self-explanatory.

People want to know something, so they ask Google.

If you noticed, Google has started using rich snippet boxes that give a brief answer from one of the top 10 ranking sites for a search term.

Understanding Content Types

Creating informational content is as simple as explaining how to do something or what something is.

Last is Commercial searches.

You want to buy something, so you type in the product name.

Best way to create content around this type of search is by doing a review or writing about a problem you had and showing how this specific product or service helped you solve your problem.

14. A/B Testing: How & When to Use It

A/B testing is one of the most important tests you will ever do on your site.

If you're not sure what A/B testing is, it's when you show two (or more) different versions of something, testing which version does the best.

So how does A/B testing apply to bloggers?

The main reason content creators will need to do some A/B tests if for their headlines.

However, in a situation where you run your blog. You will need to A/B test other things like:

  • Email Subject Line
  • Content Within Email
  • Homepage Copy
  • Landing Page Copy
  • Call to Actions (What You're Offering, The Colour of the Button, The Text Within The Button, Etc.)
  • How Easy is it to Navigate Your Site
  • Etc.

Becoming the type of person is wants to improve their own business or the business they work for by continually testing different things is a precious skill to have.

Check out Firebase's video series above on how to A/B test like a Pro.

15. Knowing When to Outsource Content

This skill is more geared towards people who run blogs of their own, but anybody can learn this skill and benefit.

Knowing when it's time to start outsourcing certain things like content or images is a great skill to have.

Yes, you want to work on your business as much as possible, but one person can only do so much.

You don't want to start losing other essential things like your health.

Authority Hacker has an excellent article on outsourcing content. In their blog, they mention how important it is to publish a perfect ad.

(Bonus): Having The Skill of Building Skills


I am giving you a bonus skill that you need to have not only if you're a blogger, but if you want to become successful in anything.

Building a bunch of blogging skills is a skill in itself, and if you do not learn how to master this skill, you will not become successful in anything.

Think about sports players.

They start out from a very young age mastering the basics of the sport, then go on to learn some more advanced blogging skills and keep increasing the amount of knowledge and ability they have in the competition.

The most significant advice I will tell you is to master the basics and then become a master in one skill.

Have you ever heard of the saying "The man who chases two rabbits catches none?"

It's best to build lots of blogging skills but mastering one skill will push you further than trying to learn every skill out there.

What do You Think About Our Blogging Tips for Beginners?

If there is one thing I'd like you to walk away knowing after reading this article, it's this.

You need to be a learning machine if you want to see any amount of success in anything.

Bruce Lee said, "I fear not the man who has practiced 10,000 kicks once, but I fear the man who has practiced one kick 10,000 times."

The same applies to content marketing, you need to have a basic understanding of some things, but for most of the skills listed here, you need to have mastered them.

What do you think about some of the blogging tips for beginners listed here?

Feel free to let us know & ask any questions down below.

6 thoughts on “15 Powerful Blogging Tips for Beginners in 2019”

  1. Thank you for writing such an informative and educative post.

    After reading your post, I now know where I was going wrong regarding writing posts for my website. 

    Not only have I learned that it’s important to publish articles with catchy headlines, but I have also learned how to write them in a way that focuses on CTR

    I am one of the people who struggle with creating catchy headlines. I have bookmarked your posts for future reference.

  2. I think content is everything for websites too and I have heard this constantly for months. I actually want to start creating videos since according to my research in future everyone will start using youtube instead of google and it is not a joke. So what do you recommend a beginner like me?

    1. Anthony Beckles

      People have already started using YouTube instead of Google (and other social platforms). My answer to you would be to focus on creating the type of content that you’re best at. Whether that’s audio, video or written.

  3. Well said! 

    To be able to be successful and make a mark for oneself in the world of blogging, one has to learn new things continually. One has to have a unique voice and must be fantastic at creating content. 

    Building relationships with other bloggers as well as the audience are significant. Success would then come eventually.

    1. Anthony Beckles

      Glad to see that you share my view, Saurav. 

      I wanted to emphasize the last tip which is having the skill of building skills. The only way to see success in anything in today’s world is by having a polished skillset which is only possible by building up different skills.

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